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The right countertops can be the thing that makes or breaks your kitchen renovation. To ensure you always get the best products in the market and the best installation team available, trust Granite City Interiors with the job.

As a locally owned and operated company, our team has a variety of knowledge and service expertise to bring to yourt trends in the industry.

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How to Choose The Right Countertops for your style and budget:

Choose Your Material

The biggest decision to make when determining what countertop is right for you home is what material to choose.

Choose Your Edges

The choices you make in the small details like edges, make a huge impact.

Choose Your Sink Style

Choices in sink style and backsplash all make a significant difference to the finished space,

Choose Your Material

We’ll go through the various materials we have to choose from and the pros and cons of each.

Choose Your Edges

Below are some of the most common countertop edge styles and where they are most commonly used to help you make your selection.

bevel edge


This is a clipped, flat corner with a 45 degree angle. It is most often seen in contemporary design and is easy to wipe clean. Can be sharp for leaning elbows and hips if you love to dance while you cook.

bullnose edge


This is the most popular counter edge variety as it compliments virtually any design style. It is perfect for a home with kids as it is easy to clean and the edges are fully rounded. It’s a classic, timeless look.

Cove Dupont Edge

Cove Dupont

Use a deft hand with this opulent design detail. The special shaping is perfect for an extravagant space.

Double Radius Edge

Double Radius

This edge is quite similar to an eased edge, except the curve is slightly more dramatic–this creates a softer, more traditional look.

Eased Edge


This finish is a squared edge with “eased” corners. Complements a contemporary design scheme, but offers a softer touch perfect for little foreheads and is easy to clean.

Half Bullnose Edge

Half Bullnose

As the name suggests, this is quite similar to a bullnose. The biggest difference is the bottom is cut on a straight edge. The advantage to this is not necessarily for appearance, but for use as spills will trickle straight down onto the ground versus following the curve of the edge to cabinetry.

Ogee Edge


Ogee edges look traditional and elegant with two curves which come to a point. There is some variance among manufacturers, but if you’re looking for a warm, decorative style, this is a great choice. Cleaning is a bit more time intensive due to the beautiful detail.

Chiseled Edge


One of the most ornate options available, three small curves create a distinguished look. Reserve this element for islands, as it can sometimes be too busy if featured everywhere. It can be difficult to clean.

Choose Your Sink Style

Our designers will help you choose a sink that fits the way you live and your style.

Small Single Bowl

When limited on counter space, a single bowl sink will optimize the precious amount of square footage you have to work with and create adequate space for scrubbing or filling large pots and pans. These sinks can also come in large sizes which some individuals prefer simply for ease of use. Prices vary based on size, need, and materials.

Square Undermount Vanity Sink

Just as the name indicates, installation of this sink type happens underneath the countertop and it is affixed below out of sight. This method is best suited for solid surface countertops like marble or granite. This is generally a more expensive sink type; but the clean aesthetic, easy clean up, and reclamation of some counter space make the investment worth it for many homeowners.

50/50 Stainless Double

For multi-taskers, this sink type offers great flexibility. Soak dishes in one side, while scrubbing vegetables in the other; or make wash-rinse-dry a much easier process for handwashing. Cost-wise, these are often more affordable or at least comparable to single bowl sinks; the downside is many individuals dislike this option for aesthetic purposes.


Small, single bowl, stainless sink.

Kitchen Sink

70/30 Stainless, double bowl.

Single Bowl

Stainless kitchen Sink


Large oval vanity sink


If you already know what type of countertop you want, or just have a question, our talented designers are ready to help. Stop by our beautiful showroom in Sandy, give us a call at 801-461-0303, or fill out the contact form and one of our designers will respond as quickly as possible.

Let us make your dream kitchen and bath a reality!

DISCLAIMER: Due to variations in interior lighting, computer monitor settings, and manufacturing variances, colors and wood characteristics may vary from the images you see. Images are intended to only give a general range of color and finish. Additionally, some products may have been discontinued. Please visit our showroom and refer to samples for current colors and styles. Granite City Interiors reserves the right to change specifications in our product designs and materials, in our effort to continually improve our products and to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

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