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At Granite City Interiors, we know cabinets. We have honed our expert knowledge over 20 years of experience as a leader in the world of residential, commercial and hospitality cabinetry. Our trained professionals offer you a custom and personalized experience to help you complete the project of your dreams. Not only do we have the staff who knows how to help you make that dream a reality; we also have amazing products and suppliers to fit any budget. Our lines of cabinetry cover the most budget-minded consumer to those seeking a custom, truly one of a kind kitchen. We have worked with some of the top home builders in the country, elite designers, and influential leaders in the sports and entertainment world. In short, we have the know-how to inspire and help you all along the way. Come see our incredible team of professionals at Granite City Interiors. Set your appointment today!


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Choosing Your Cabinetry: Cabinets Explained by Type, Function, & Style

The three primary types of cabinets include:

  • STOCK: The most common option available in cabinetry, these units are offered in limited standard sizes, shapes and finishes but allow for a quick install and fast build.This is a great choice if you are in a time crunch and needing a quick turnaround or if budget-friendly is your top priority.
  • SEMI-CUSTOM: These types of cabinets are a great middle-of-the-road option where you can get a more personalized look for less expense than fully customized cabinets. Designing a space with this option often involves a combination of stock and unique units with custom touches to choose from like stains and glazes, or custom hardware. This type of cabinetry is built to order and can take up to a few months to be delivered.
  • CUSTOM: The sky’s the limit with this type of cabinetry, as your space will be built to be completely personal and unique. Wood type, design, finishes, size–this all can be created to your exact wants and specifications. Naturally, time and cost will be the highest with this method, but for your dream home, the craftsmanship and attention to detail you receive here is completely worth it.

You likely have a gut instinct as to which type will work best for your goals, space and budget. Keeping that in mind, learning more about different cabinets’ functionality will help you make a more informed decision. There are four primary cabinet categories based on function. These include:

  • BASE: As the name indicates, base cabinets sit on the ground and create the bottom footprint of your kitchen, bathroom, or other area A standard base cabinet is typically 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. Depth is sometimes increased up to 27 inches in custom designs. Base cabinetry sets atop 4 inch risers covered with molding called a toe kick.
  • WALL: Affixed to the wall with careful measurement and utilization of studs within the wall, upper cabinetry is generally 12 inches deep and varies in height based on standard or custom designs. Depth is sometimes increased up to 17 inches.
  • TALL: These cabinets are generally designed to serve as pantry space or broom storage and do not allow for a countertop area. They typically match base cabinets in depth and reach 83.5 inches in height, but can be given custom height for specialized projects.
  • SPECIALTY UNITS: These custom individualized pieces are created to maximize organization and make the most of your space’s square footage. Examples of these cabinets include corner cabinets, cooktop fronts, hutches, bottle racks and housing for appliances.

The type of cabinets you’d like to work with and the function you need to get out of your cabinets are two of the biggest decisions to make throughout a renovation. Our trained professionals can help you determine these things by discussing your budget and lifestyle, but the place where we like to see our homeowners take more of the lead is style. For many this is the fun part that plays an integral role in your entire home’s aesthetic. The style of door, color, finish and hardware are some of the key components to giving your space a distinctive feel. We aim to please and want to ensure you end up with a look that suits your family and will create the right vibe in your space for decades to come. Here are some things to consider when choosing your cabinet style.

Common Door Styles:

  • SHAKER: This flat-panel style door is the most common design for kitchens today. They are built with five pieces creating a picture frame-like outer edge and flat center back. This traditional design offers a lot of versatility for many interior decor preferences.
  • FLAT: Just as it sounds, this sleek door style has very little frill and generally creates a more streamlined, modern feel with clean, straight surfaces. They are completely flat and often have little or no visible hardware.
  • INSET: This is often a custom cabinetry option only, as doors must have extremely precise measurements, setting the door inside the frame of the cabinet, versus facing it on front. This requires exposed hinges (hardware that is often more expensive) and tight finishing; however the finished look is incredibly timeless and is likely to last generations.
  • BEADBOARD: Create a cottage-like feel with vertical line detailing across the back of a shaker cabinet. The lines will add height and texture to any room, creating a quaint charm.
  • THERMOFOIL: Created out of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and coated with a plastic sealant, this cost-effective and common option is extremely durable. The sealants come in many solid colors or imitation wood grain.


  • WHITE: It’s hard to go wrong with this classic look. You’ll create a great canvas backdrop with white cabinets that can be punched up with other elements like countertop, tile or decor.
  • GREY: This is a trend that we think will have real lasting power in your home’s design. As the new neutral, grey will offer the same versatility as a classic white, while adding more richness and a cozy feeling to the space.
  • WOOD: As nature’s quickest way to add texture, color and warmth…you can create an array of looks from very modern to incredibly rustic, depending on the type of wood and stain you choose.
  • CUSTOM: Painting cabinets any color under the sun is a great way to take standard or semi-custom cabinetry up a notch and add some energy to your home. Inspiration can be found online, in magazines, or in your environment to make a statement in your space through color.

Finishes: We discussed paints and stains which are the most obvious ways to finish your cabinetry exterior. It’s great to go one step further however by adding unique molding, architectural accent pieces like corbels, distressing to add age and richness, or glazes to add another dimension of color to painted or stained cabinets. Sources like interior design books, Pinterest, TV shows, and more will be of great use as you hone in on the perfect look for your cabinetry.


  • KNOBS: The most simple hardware to install, knobs are attached with a single screw and are generally no bigger than 2 inches wide. This is one of the most cost-effective solutions available, with huge versatility in style from vintage or antique knobs to sleek and modern chrome or gold hardware.
  • PULLS & HANDLES: These are a natural accompaniment to knobs, but can serve on their own quite nicely. Pulls are attached to cabinet fronts with only two screws and are also very simple to install. Length varies anywhere from 4 inches to 10 inches; and like knobs, styles run the gamut, making them a great option regardless of decor.
  • CUP HANDLES: Traditionally used on drawers only, these unique handles have a half-moon shape and create a small “cup” for your fingers to pull the cabinet open. Installation varies somewhat on these pulls based on size, and can be somewhat tricky without previous experience. However the unique look and clean finish makes for a great end product.
  • CABINET LATCHES: If you’re looking for an old-fashioned or antique look, cabinet latches make a great statement. Seeing the mechanism that holds the cupboards shut adds whimsy to any space, making your cold kitchen feel more like a lively bakery or restaurant straight from the 1800s. If you’re lucky enough to find the real thing, hold tight to them…otherwise there are many beautiful reproduction pieces.

From start to finish, our skilled designers and contractors will help you stay on time, on budget, and within the parameters required for your space and style. Talk to us about cabinets or any of our other worry-free offerings like flooring and tile. Get a free consultation today and finally have the renovated, updated home you’ve always wanted.