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The right flooring ties everything together in a home remodeling project. Granite City Interiors (GCI) offers great options for kitchens, bathrooms and more in a range of styles and materials.

Our showroom has a great selection for you to view, including hardwood, engineered flooring, laminate and vinyl. Your new space will look put together for years to come with our expertise and quality products. Read on to learn more about the best choices for you. Get your FREE consultation on all of our flooring options by calling 801-461-0303 today.


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We guarantee our work with a 1-year warranty in addition to available manufacturer’s warranties.

Hardwood Flooring

At Granite City Interiors, we work with only the best lumber mills to ensure the boards we install will have a stable fit and are completely uniform. By having the experts at GCI do it right from the beginning, you’ll have the peace of mind that your authentic hardwoods will last for decades. While it is often a more expensive option, hardwood floors add a sense of permanence, reliability and richness that is unmatched. Our beautiful wood planks can be stained any color to suit your personal preferences and sealed to protect the wood from wear and tear of children and pets. In fact, hardwood is an excellent choice for flexibility because it is easy to change right along with your tastes throughout the years. Sanding down to the raw wood, restaining and refinishing are a far more affordable maintenance option than fully replaced laminate or vinyl flooring can offer.

Engineered Flooring

A man-made product, engineered flooring is formed with thin slices of real wood, stacked in layers and bonded together. The top layer displays the natural grain of the wood while the bonding between the lower layers create a sturdy material. This makes engineered floors an excellent option in areas you may not successfully install hardwoods, like basements or humid areas. Real, 100 percent wood is prone to bowing or warping in environments like this. The downside to this product is it cannot be sanded down and refinished like hardwood can. However, if you are confident you’ll be happy with the style you choose for years and years to come, engineered floors are usually a more cost-effective choice.

Laminate Flooring

As one of the most reasonably priced alternatives available, laminate is also versatile and easy to maintain. Since the visible area is printed, laminate can simulate virtually any material out there including stone, ceramic, tile, wood and much more. The heavy resin coating is incredibly protectant, preventing all manner of potential scratches or nicks, making it highly durable and ideal for heavily trafficked or industrial/working spaces.

Vinyl Flooring

One hundred percent water-resistant, vinyl plank flooring withstands the harsh environments in the moist or humid areas of your home. Let us install this beautiful and versatile material in the kitchen, bathroom or basement, and you’ll live worry-free. The thickness of the vinyl planks also offers a forgiving solution when attached to imperfect subfloors, a problem so often found in older homes. Get the look and feel of real wood flooring without the premium cost or maintenance.