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Transform your home into a stylish and sophisticated space with our large selection of tile. Our experienced design team can help you create the perfect look for any room in your home, from backsplashes to wall coverings and flooring, with a variety of colors, textures and sizes.

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Granite City Interiors’ tile selection offers a variety of options to fit any aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a classic, timeless look or something more modern and eye-catching, our tile selection has something to fit your needs. With ceramic and porcelain tile in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors, you can create a look that is unique to your home.
Our team of experienced design and installation professionals are available to answer any questions you may have and provide free consultations. With our quality tile brands and expert advice, you can be sure that your space will be transformed into something beautiful and timeless. Get in touch with us today for more information!

Tile For Every Space & Every Budget

Porcelain Tile

Tile made from porcelain starts out as feldspar, which is the most common mineral used. It’s finely ground into a clay mixture, pressed into shape, and then fired at a high temperature. Making porcelain involves high-pressure, high-heat, and the right mineral for it to become very hard and dense.

All this makes porcelain a valid candidate for large pieces of tile, so there are lots of design options to choose from. Our manufacturers use techniques that combine cutting-edge technology and ancient craftsmanship for an affordable, durable, and stunning product that looks great in any home.

These tiles are lightweight and affordable, so they’re a great choice for full-wall installations for your bathroom or kitchen.

Ceramic Tile

This is a thick tile that’s strong and functional and works great for homes with pets or children. Ceramic tile will resist a large amount of wear and tear, and one of the best characteristics it has to offer is the fact that you can print intricate patterns and colors easily on it.

Its sought-after surface texture has a warm feel, and there are a variety of handmade options you can choose from to give your home a traditional charm.

The glazed, hi-gloss, machine-made versions are very popular for modern designs, so let this material be an accent in your home by checking out the different colors and finishes we have the offer.

Our Most Popular Tile Styles

Aequa - Porcelain Tile

The Aequa Series is a rectified color body porcelain that results from the synthesis of digital technology applied to aesthetic research.

It has the appearance of reclaimed wood and provides the warmth of timeworn matter that takes on new colors and nuances over the years. Since this is a porcelain product it requires minimal maintenance.

The Aequa series is available in two sizes: 8″x32″x10mm and 12″x48″x10mm. you can select from five different colors and two available finishes: Standard and R11 Anti-Slip Finish.

The R11 Anti-Slip Finish is specifically designed for the outdoors, exposed areas, and applications that constantly get wet such as bathrooms and shower floors.

Castle Brick - Porcelain Tile

This series offers five colors that make for a beautiful variety. The coordinating corner piece gives you increased flexibility for a variety of design applications.

Minimal maintenance is required for this product since it’s made of porcelain. There are noticeable variances between each piece, so it’s important as well as recommended that you view each of the products we have before you finalize your decision.

Piece-to-piece variations in shade and color are typical for any fire-clay product, so we recommend that you mix tiles from several boxes at a time during the installation process so you can achieve the best range of color.

Concerto- Porcelain Tile

The Concerto series comes in a wide variety of neutral and smoky color hues. Since this color palette lends itself beautifully to numerous styles of design and includes a breadth of color offerings, you can use this series in combination with natural stone, other tile series, or glass tile.

The colors offered within this series can be combined for custom and cohesive tile designs as well. We have seven colors available, and all come in both a glossy and matte finish. You can add a pencil bullnose trim piece for flexibility.

Since this is a fired-clay product, piece-to-piece variation in shade or color will vary, so we recommend that you mix tiles from several boxes simultaneously during the installation process so you can achieve the best range of color. We recommend this series for both residential and commercial applications.

Tru Marmi - Porcelain Tile

This series is a rectified glaze porcelain product. We use digital print technology to create some of the characteristics common in sought-after natural stone which includes marble.

Maintenance risks that are involved with actual stone are eliminated with this product since it’s made of porcelain. There are noticeable variations in color and movement between each piece, so we recommend that you view our entire selection available before you finalize your decision.

Piece-to-piece variation in shade or color will vary, so we recommend that you mix tiles from several boxes simultaneously during the installation process so you can achieve the best range of color. We recommend this series for both residential and commercial applications.

Cementine Evo - Porcelain Tile

This is a porcelain series inspired by the fabrics of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. These graphics produce a strong, visual impact from the flat background colors that create simple and essential forms.

They give you the appearance of a stencil that gets worn out by time and is available in five unique designs.

This allows for great variety and how they can be used, so whether you’re using them as individual accents, creating a group for one design, or mixing multiple designs at once, you get a unique layout suited to your tastes.

3D- Ceramic Tile

The 3D Series is a rectified white body ceramic tile used for walls and is offered in four multi-dimensional styles as well as a flat field option.

This is suitable for both residential and commercial vertical applications. The bond properly, LFT/LHT mortar is used in large quantities, and this is what heavy tiles should always have for the bond especially when the dimension length is greater than 15″.

Flash - Ceramic Tile

This ceramic wall tile series has a gentle texture and a soft glaze. This is designed to emulate hand-crafted tile, and it boasts a range of textures and slight glaze variation for each piece.

We have eight colors available in both a 5×5″ and 3×12″ size, and there are many layout possibilities to have your own distinctive design element when it comes to any project.

Smooth - Ceramic Tile

This Italian-made series is a white body ceramic wall tile that offers a wide area of neutral and smoky color hues.

Much research and development when into the creation of this tile’s color palette, and due to its breadth of color offerings, it can be used in combination with natural stone, glass tile, or other tile series.

It comes in five different colors where the white is offered in both glossy and matte finishes.

Memoir- Ceramic Tile

This is a historic design that has a mesmerizing assortment of concrete-like encaustic tiles that come in two patterns and two contemporary colors. Memoir™ is a collection that creates everlasting memories and makes a statement.

Mosaic Traditions - Ceramic Tile

This series can enrich your space with classic color combinations of glass and stone mosaics. You can select from six glass and stone blends that come in three unique sizes, and contemporary color tones of brown, gray, tan, and white will balance any space with a unique beauty and charm.

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